Vox Success Stories

Industry Approach vs. Technology
Insurance / Auto Collision Claims

Vox Potentia has experience across a wide span of industries. However, what we have consistently found is that 85% of technology challenges are not industry specific. For certain, there are specific solutions for manufacturing or health care that solve specific challenges in those industries, but strategy, platform strategy and vendor management as well as organization development, are by and large the same issues regardless of industry. We tend to approach each engagement to focus not simply on what is unique, but those skills and levers that are common. This creates better partnerships, and allows the pursuit of far greater innovation.


Replacing mainframe technologies with open systems and migrating those systems to a hybrid cloud is a strategy that helps the auto collision industry meet the demands of this complex and ever changing market.

From early roots in launching Prodigy, delivering high value archiving search systems and digitalization of rare journal content, Vox consultants have remained on the cutting edge of publishing technology.

In the Intermodal Freight Industry Vox Consultants evaluated architectural infrastructures and platforms and future integration plan aimed at consolidating multiple enterprise systems.

In this highly competitive industry, Vox consultants have made it possible for a major food services and distribution company to grow both organically and by acquisition. Stabilized SAP/ERP systems and improved financial reporting have focused senior management on key opportunities for performance improvement and market analysis.