Vox Potentia: Focus on Health Care Technology

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HealthCare companies are challenged to meet revenue growth plans while improving bottom line financial performance. Government regulations ensure that security programs comply with safeguards to protect patient information at a time when analytics and information sharing are critical to decision making. Like many industries, HealthCare is facing increasingly significant challenges in implementing effective IT solutions.

HealthCare CIOs are simultaneously faced with government mandated need for security, while business owners press to leverage large repositories of sensitive data. This creates a rapidly changing, and often stressful, technology environment.

The Vox Potentia team has repeatedly been tasked with helping technology teams to architect solutions that will help their organizations accommodate the need to grow while still providing the governance to meet stringent HIPAA regulations.
Providers, faced with the challenge of needing to grow their client base, often find themselves shackled to legacy systems that are both aging and out of compliance. In these situations, the Vox Potentia team first conducts an architectural assessment to give the CIO a firm understanding of the strengths and limitations of the current environment. Then, in accordance with business owners, melds the strategic business and growth plans for the company with the transformative needs of the technology team. That road map positions the organization to reach both compliance and market growth goals.

Optionally, Vox Potentia can then field the team to provide the leadership to make the difficult technology choices that are in alignment with the road map. This implementation process leverages current opportunities such as Hybrid Cloud, and provides guidance around building and governing a service based architecture.

No engagement within the HealthCare industry is complete without solid security governance program. The Vox team works with the security team to conduct application security audits that provide a focused road map to exceed compliance demands.

Integration and secure data sharing are a critical part of an enterprise implementation. The Vox team focuses on the exchange of claims information processing including modernizing EDI 834 workflows to be event based instead of based on legacy batch processing. This integrates the provider with partner systems, which in turn extends the range of care to the company's HealthCare members.

More and more members are demanding web based services within the health insurance claim processing cycle.The need for on-demand eligibility and timely processing of claims are driving the need for companies to mitigate legacy constraints.

Vox Potentia has been providing guidance in how to accomplish all these services while still delivering new functional capabilities to HealthCare clients.