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A Group Effort

Vox Potentia Consulting, has delivered consistent value and strategic partnership since its inception in 2011. Our experienced executives and professional staff have leveraged their decades of technical experience to deliver outside the box thinking and creative solutions, focusing on the most critical challenges facing corporations today.

Pat Traynor - Principal Consultant

Rich Rumple - Principal Consultant

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Jim Beattie - Founder and

Principal Consultant

About Us

Jim Beattie is a seasoned executive with more than 40 years in the field. He has held various positions of leadership in both public and privately held companies. He has been the driver of transformation in mature companies and has held key leadership roles at startups. Jim has also had a strong Executive presence in not for profit organizations.

Rich Rumple has over 30 years of development and IT experience n complex environments. Rich is driven by process and metrics and looks to leverage those in each engagement. He has reduced IT spend while improving performance and stability. Rich is an expert in Hybrid Cloud  and SAAS implementations.

Pat Traynor is an IT Executive with over 25 years experience in demanding and complex IT systems. Pat is an expert in system and application architectures and specializes in enterprise integration, messaging technology and complex IPAAS implementations. 

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