IT Strategy

We are experienced in ITIL processes and all Infrastructure Management (IM) practices. We use proven methodologies to create roadmaps to guide to a future path.
Vox Potentia has the expertise and leadership to manage projects to a successful completion, whether that is on premise or hybrid cloud.



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The team of Executives at Vox Potentia filled the most senior roles, including Chief Technology Officer, at CCC Information Services, Inc. CCC achieved growth and profitability by successfully transforming platforms, processes and organization to meet the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace. CCC remains the marketplace leader and continues to innovate leveraging those platforms 
The CEO expects new customer facing products that are brand- consistent, platform independent and quick to market. The CFO wants those products to be less costly to deliver. To accomplish this, the CIO must establish a technology and organizational strategy that achieves this transformation without destabilizing daily business operations. A True North.

Depth and Breadth of Knowledge and Experience

Vox Potentia Consulting has delivered consistent value and strategic partnership since its inception in 2011. Our experienced executives have leveraged their decades of professional service to deliver outside the box thinking and creative technologies focusing on the most critical challenges facing corporations today.

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