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The team of Executives at Vox Potentia are committed to making your vision a reality. While many talk the talk Vox Potentia consultants walk the walk. Our strength is in getting things done. Our Partners have filled the most senior IT Management roles, including Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Offer and Chief Architect.

Vox Potentia Consulting has delivered consistent value and strategic partnership since its inception in 2011. Our experienced executives have leveraged their decades of professional service to deliver outside the box thinking and creative technologies focusing on the most critical challenges facing corporations today.


Your CEO expects new customer facing products that are brand consistent, platform independent and quick to market. Your CFO wants those products to be less costly to deliver. To accomplish this, the CIO must establish a technology and organizational strategy that achieves this transformation without destabilizing daily business operations. A True North.
                                  We can make that happen!
Our consultants possess the depth of experience to help you speak to the business in terms that both the CEO and CFO will understand:
Revenue Growth
Time to Market
New Products
New Markets
Reduced Costs
Fewer People

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